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Privacy Policy

Tokyo Comic Convention Co., Ltd. (the Company) will comply to laws, guidelines and other regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, and will hereby obtain personal information in accordance with below policies.

1. Organization

Tokyo Comic Convention Co., Ltd

2. Personal information protection manager

Tokyo Comic Convention Co., Ltd. Personal Information Office Mitsuaki Munegumi

3. Purpose for use of personal information.

(1) Provision of information related to special events, cooperation, and exhibiting at Tokyo Comic Convention (TCC).
(2) Provision of newsletters, and request of comments, opinions, questionnaire.
(3) Other usage related to notification from the office and enquiries.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties.

Personal information may be shared among third parties upon obtaining consent from each individual member (the Member). The Member will be provided with the third parties’ company/ organization name, and notification on the items of personal information that will be provided.

5. Management of personal information.

The Company may outsource the hanarticleing of personal information as necessary to a third party on the condition that they have agreed to a nondisclosure agreement. Due to operational reasons, exhibitor’s information may be provided to contractors conducting construction and/ or management work. The Company may use the obtained personal information as materials in, but not limited to, its articles and videos.

6. The Members may choose not to provide their personal information.

However in such cases, certain products and services may not be available.

7. Collection of personal information by non-consensual methods.

The Company’s website and other networking services may automatically collect user access information by using IP apresses, cookies, and web beacons.

8. Point of contact

Request for disclosure, correction, and suspension of the usage of personal information shall be sent to the personal information protection manager of the Company.